Map of the Route of the Sacred Way

Didim/Aydın Province, Turkey.

The Route

The route of the Sacred Way from Miletos to Didyma has long been a topic of discussion for archaeologists working on the Milesian peninsula, but many parts of it are unknown.

The map above shows the traditionally assumed route of the Sacred Way, including the section of road-way identified as an ancient road by Paul Wilski in 1906 (orange) across the Akron hills, and the hypothetical reconstruction of the uncertain parts of the route by Peter Schneider in 1987 (yellow).

A series of Photographs that were taken along this route during a walk along the Akron road in 2016 are marked as clickable thumbnails.

An alternative hypothetical route, which might have been important in pre-Roman times according to the Route Analysis undertaken by Toby Wilkinson and Anja Slawisch, is also shown (in purple).

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